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The Mental Health Connect project has been developed to explore the current mental health support that is available in the local area, to make it more accessible to the community. The project will also deliver a range of services to enhance the current offering. Covering Airedale and Wharfedale, Mental Health Connect is a three-year project made up of four key partners; Keighley Healthy Living, Missing Peace Wellbeing + Support, Roshni Ghar and Project 6.

Making wellbeing support more accessible in our area.

Our four Mental Health Connect partners, each bring a wealth of knowledge in different areas. Based on the reason for referral, the MHC team will initially signpost you to the relevant service partner. Collectively, we will support people with community-based care in the hope to enhance day-to-day wellbeing.

Keighley Health Living
Project 6
Roshni Ghar
Missing peace

KHL are specialists in supporting people to improve wellbeing through a dynamic timetable of exercise classes, social groups and peer support. With 23 years of community care experience, KHL have lots of local knowledge and can assist people in taking those first steps to hopefully improving their wellbeing. As part of the Mental Health Connect project, KHL have appointed a mental health specific wellbeing coach.

Project 6 provide services for individuals, families and communities affected by substance use. As part of the Mental Health Connect project, a dual-diagnostic worker has been appointed, meaning we can offer additional one to one support for people with a diagnosis of serious mental illness and substance use.

Roshni Ghar provide culturally appropriate, responsive services for South Asian women experiencing ill mental health. Through peer support, positive wellbeing activities and one to one sessions, they strive to reduce inequalities for the South Asian community. Roshni Ghar have now employed a new mental health worker to offer further support as part of Mental Health Connect.

Missing Peace Wellbeing + Support are specialists in delivering a range of mental health specific support groups, training and courses. Under the Mental Health Connect project, they are using years of experience to facilitate a series of WRAP courses (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), that will enable people to develop wellness tools, identify warning signs and produce a crisis plan.

What we offer

We work with the members of the community and a range of organisations across Airedale and Wharfedale, offering training, resources and support.


The team are continuously sourcing and promoting mental health training for VCS staff and volunteers. If you have any courses to recommend, please do not hesitate to share.

Sign Posting

If you or or your organisation offer mental health support, and would like to be part of our network, please contact us.


Our small grants scheme will fund the start-up of peer support groups with a focus on mental wellbeing in the community. If this is something you might require, please visit our website to register your interest.

Groups and Exercise

We have developed a timetable of support groups, courses and exercise classes to promote positive mental health. You can download our timetable here.

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